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    It seems that no new members can join here without admin's clearance and admin seems to be absent right now.

    That could be a problem for the Bobberman League if 262 goes down and we need to predict elsewhere as we've always used this site before.

    I started tinkering with a forum skin and mentioned it to Madpig aka Yosemite Sam, who has got a bit over-excited and announced it to the world... It's work in progress but it is there and there's a shoutbox which I know some like, so please have a look and if you want, register and get involved.

  • Nice one Steve, unlike Piggy to get excited lol
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    Thanks for getting involved Westie!
  • I totally refute excited
  • Eager is the word
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    Looks like this ship has finally sunk, two very brave souls over on the Accrington thread paddling like mad but are fighting against the tide.

    Yosemite, this new site you mention - I might give it a go (I just hope that Spix fella isnt involved).
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    You will be very welcome here Knuckles and meet up with some who used to post here.
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