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Match day thread...til we pressgang Rusty

Steady opening. I missed the team news cos I'd fallen over...not drunk...oh no...deffo not drunk


  • Luton Town XI: Walton, O’Donnell, Cuthbert, Mullins, Sheehan, Rea, McGeehan, Gilliead, Cook, Hylton, Marriott.

    Subs: King, Potts, Smith, Gray, Mpanzu, Lee, Vassell
  • One assumes JJ is not fit? O'Donnell certainly isn't...for L2
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    JJ was injured so I guess he still is. Sheehan at LB is progress. No PRM starting: not so much.
  • So what goes with Pelly? He looked good this season?
  • My grandson has got a bar job in the Wellington Arms, it's Bedfords version of Norwich' s Fat Cat...deep joy
  • Fairly ordinary first 45 minutes.
  • I hope Hylon doesn't get stroppy
  • Hylton even
  • Red Card for short if Wimbo's watching
  • Hylton mustn't whine
  • Yellow for Hylton ,. FFS, he needs counselling
  • Looking like 0-0. Have County had a shot?
  • According to Statto JJ isn't injured ?
  • I can only imagine Pelly is...we need inspiration
  • FFS. Penalty. **** it.
  • Another great draw :)
  • That was a good one. No gripes from me
  • Well one positive from the game, a rare clean sheet. I do believe my glass maybe approaching the three quarter full mark and we're only 11 points behind Plymouth!
  • Actually , I think we have the joint second or third best defence in L2...same with our attack.
    Just wish we'd got these stats more convincingly, but stats are stats
  • In NJ I trust, I just love his passion and his style of football, well done 2020 to give him his chance and the finance to put it to the test.
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    I did say a defeat at County wouldn't be a disgrace. I'm happy enough with a point but I think we're going to have to start playing far better for auto promotion to remain a realistic goal.
  • Yep Steve, the phrase ' we didn't get beat' was greeted with derisìon under Brabin, we have to be careful it doesn't become acceptable now.
    It's beginning to look like Plymouth and Carlise are moving ahead at a pace, but there's plenty to play for yet.
    Saturday was an excellent result and well deserved, but our home form is still sporadic.

    I think the diamond doesn't shine. Players are suffering in it, especially Pelly. There is no doubt that when he's good, the whole team is.
    Let's take a chance and select and play around him.
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