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  • "Luton arrive at Meadow Lane in exceptional form...." .

    That's not what I've read on here. :D
  • Snigger
  • Sorry to labour the point, but if what I witnessed at KR last Saturday was "exceptional form." I'd hate to pay to watch us playing poorly!

    Hopefully, being away from home, our opponents will leave us some space with which to hurt them.
  • This really is a glass half empty/full moment.
    Factually we're unbeaten in seven. However, in terms of performance, there's a deal of not so good action.
    To be positive though, season-defining runs often begin this way.
    Onwards and upwards
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    I think we're due an away defeat. No disgrace in losing to Notts County.
  • Their top scorer's out, ours is back. Jack is due a goal too. fancy us in this one. COYRRLWHs!!!!
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    whispers of a team change this afternoon, and I don't mean just that Hylton is back...
  • I was going to go 2-1 to County, but everytime i go against us, we do I have gone for a 2-1 win !
  • Welcome to the Hole in The Wall gang Ickle and Val.
    Spread the gospel
  • Spot on Val. I reckon 3 points, good ones , today
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    Mullins in for Potts, presume Sheehan to play at RB
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    I mean LB of course!!
  • Welcome also Ickle and Val from me. Give your opinions without fear on this site, I feel like I've been released from a lengthy jail sentence, incorrectly imposed. We move on.
  • Yer jog old you old git ;-)
  • Stevo, talk like that will send the half full brigade into meltdown
  • Westie, if ever you're in Spix territory look him up. First class hospitality from a true gent
  • I've gone pink with embarrassment after that Pete. But hopefully, Westie would see me in a different light to the view many have of me. But there again, maybe not, after all, I've an "evil" reputation to live up to now!
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