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Talking of strikers...

...we weren't but I am now ;-). I see Ricky Miller can't stop scoring this season. Him and Lafayette are going great guns.
Will they find their way into L2?


  • Is he still at Dover ?
  • Yeah. Him and Lafayette are going great guns. I think it's 15 he has this season already
  • I see they are well placed at the moment...outside chance they could be playing us next season !
  • Interesting eh. Dover and Daggers get promotion
  • Miller scored those goals from playing wide, much as Andre did when he was with us. Such a pity he got involved with that taxi driver because, although he was exonerated of any guilt, it led to his leaving Luton Town. He just might have been proved to be one of John Still's uncut diamonds for us.
  • Miller's having a great season, Lafayette not so much (he hadn't scored for about 6 weeks until the other night). Miller may well get another chance at League football - especially if he ends up the National League's leading scorer - but I think Lafayette had his one chance with us (unless Dover do come up, I guess). Shame his time at Luton was blighted with injury.

  • .and taxis Dawn
  • I was meaning Lafayette, though I guess Miller had injury problems as well.
  • Ah right, sorry.
    The few times I saw Lafayette he looked , in thought, a few milliseconds off the pace, like the conference was his top level. I never got to see Miller unfortunately, I held high hopes for him, he came with good history.
  • Lafayette - cumbersome, nowhere near mobile enough for me. Miller - always looked likely to score, a constant pain in the backside for defenders, a bit like Hylton but without the cards!!
  • Warning...provocation
  • Ha ha Pete!!!!!!! How many points this time, I know, pluck a number out of thing air to suit the cause, just as Dean does!!
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    Miller has proved to be a prolific striker at non-league level. He's scored plenty for Stamford, Boston and now Dover. He only scored 2 in 15 appearances for us and I don't remember him commanding a starting place but I do remember one of those goals being an excellent solo effort that won us the game.

    Hopefully, if he gets another chance in the FL, he'll avoid the type of situation that resulted in his departure from Luton. I think he ended up being acquitted but not getting into a position like that again would obviously be wise.
  • Forest Green Rovers are after Miller, apparently.
  • Then he will be in L2 next season.
  • Don't underestimate John Still's talent for overhauling the team in top spot. :D Though actually I think Lincoln may be the ones to watch this season, they've got a very good manager.
  • edited October 2016 Posts: 179
    Lincoln have been flirting with the top section for a few seasons now. Do you think they've got the stamina this time.
    Lovely city. Piss poor ground but a nice away day...not that we'll be in L2 next season :/
  • I recall that long walk up a never ending hill to the magnificent cathedral. Not sure I could make it nowadays. Lincoln cathedral to me is even more impressive than Norwich, beautiful though Norwich is.
  • Mrs Westgate, has relatives in Norwich, plan to spend the day in Norwich, probably in the spring now when the weather is warmer. Any other good landmarks to visit ?
  • Spixworth Castle !..... :D
  • Westie, you and your good Wife ( and HS and his), would be made most welcome at Spixworth Manor when you're in the area. As for landmarks, the City itself is a wonderful, medieval place, the Cathedral is 900 years old, we have a RC Cathedral also although that is only 110 tears old but beautifully built to look much older. So many places to visit, Elm Hill, a gorgeously well preserved medieval cobbled street full of interesting shops and architecture. Norwich Castle, originally moated, which is now a museum, the railway station with a fantastic facade, university of east anglia, recently voted in terms of educational facilities ahead of both Oxford and Cambridge, superb wooded areas for leisure, one within walking distance of the city centre.

    Norfolk Broads. Sheringham and Cromer, Holt, Blickling hall and Felbrigg Hall, (National trust) Holkham Hall. So many places to see and enjoy along with excellent beaches. At Cromer we have the only "end of the pier show" in the Country.

    Let me know when you're coming to Gods County, Mrs. Spix and me will be pleased to show you around, if required, of course. Otherwise, you'll have a great time, I promise.
  • Thanks Derek very nice of you ,, Was in the area in September across at Pakefield , My wife is a Suffolk Girl ( she can't help it ) will let you know next time I'm up :)
  • Spixworth Castle...a dark and foreboding citadel.
  • Ssssshhhhhhhh Pete, don't destroy the illusion I'm trying to build.
  • You need to rest Westie, me and lady madpig are building up for a coastal raid, it won't be pretty
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