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  • Need someone to bolster the front line, will it be CMS I dunno hope so.
  • I really hope he becomes the player of old Westie. What a bonus that'd be for us
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    When I was a kid I used to have a recurring bad dream: the house was dark, I'd turn on the light but the bulb would just gently glow. It never lit up the room.

    CMS reminds me of that bad dream.
  • I fear I may suffer the same nightmare...i'd love to be wrong
  • Hell of a gamble to offer him a new contract. I don't know what he earns but I guess he's one of the highest. Maybe a new deal for six months on reduced money, to be reviewed after that time has elapsed, or a pay as you play contract.
  • Pay per play Derek. That's the way. No contract
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