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Youth Team Exploits


  • Copied this from the 262 site as I feel it its relative to those who no longer have access, sure Dawn does not mind.

    A late flurry of contributions means that when I've paid the invoice for the youth sponsorship, I'll have £20 remaining in the pot. I can either:

    - donate it to SoLYD

    - make a contribution to one of the Club's charities of the year

    - keep it in reserve to help us on the way to a future sponsorship effort

    Views, please, or any other suggestions I haven't thought of yet?
  • Keep it in reserve. As I'm no longer a 262 member presumably I'll be excluded from donating next season, so that £20 will go partly to compensating for the loss of cash from me.
  • Don't think the football club has anything to do with the 262 which like this is just a forum.
    Sure Dawn will post on both sites .
  • I hope she does Westie. Those young lads are our future.
    Knowing Dawn she's hatching up plans as we speak.
    Having also posted on Hatters Talk on Facebook I'd say, with 4000 members, it'd be a good hunting ground for her.
  • Hatters Talk contribute to lot's of worthy causes, and I have to say, if you miss reading it for a day or two, It's hard to keep up...lot's of good post's, ticket news, and obviously 4,000 members that appear to follow the club very closely !
  • Is Hatters talk " twitter"
  • No, not that one, it's on facebook. Look for Hatter Hoare, he runs it
  • Shame, don't do facebook never mind.
  • That's a pity Westie, it's a huge, vibrant site.
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