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Luton 1 Mansfield 1: a view from the path


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    a highlight of the weekend Stevo, thank you.
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    Agreed Liz; always a good report.
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    carry on the good work
  • It would appear all and sundry agree it was a poor day.
    Whilst some may hit the ' glass half empty' bell they cannot deny there is need for improvement.
    The main thing is, half empty or half full, we all agree there is something in the glass
  • I think it's important to remember what a young squad we have. 7 of Saturday's starting 11 were 22 or under. That's a lot of potential improvement to be made and maybe requires more patience than we fans are often ready to give.
  • It will be alright , Dawn is correct, patience is required for such a young squad, now where did I put my half full cup of tea.
  • It will work, but it needs time.
    I think all the elasticity has been taken out of our patience during our conference years.
  • Look, I know we've a young side and we've an inexperienced manager, but we have a right to expect better than that served up last Saturday. We played directly into the hands of the opposition by gifting them an early goal, a goal which was so easily preventable and something which we do week after week after week after which we sat back and played pass the parcel between the back four and the goalkeeper. Mansfield were delighted to watch it. It wasn't getting anywhere near to hurting them and it seemed to me that the players were under orders not to pass the halfway line.

    It's no good going on about it being a young team, it was a young team which demolished Villa, Gillingham and WBA by playing cutting edge attractive offensive football. Yet when we return to the drudgery of the league we resort to the boring stuff.

    What the hell the team selection said to Banton with him not even being given a place on the bench I can't imagine. His confidence must now be shot to hell.
  • Can see where your coming from but we are in the top part of the league with a young manager and team 3/4 of the league would love to be are position,
  • Yeah, on Saturday night we gripe, but by Friday we're ready and waiting.
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