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Today's game

Let's hope it all comes together today and we play a blinder


  • Hope so piggy gone 2-1 to us in both prediction leagues :)
    Just though would you still like to predict in the 262 Prediction thingymebob ? if so I could copy yours to the rest ?
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    Oh dear. 0-1
  • Just been cooking corn dogs and drinking Dunkel Fester beer.( See fb)
  • That's ok Westie , I reckon me and 262 are at decree absolute point, i reckon it can die without my help
  • okay np
  • Not looking good.
  • Game of 2 halves :)
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    Had company, so couldn't listen . What's your overall impression of today?
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    McGeehan to the rescue. It's always grim playing Mansfield and we don't often beat them. I think many people would have looked at the line up and suspected it'd be a fairly dull draw. It sounded like we battered them for the last 25 and thankfully we salvaged a point and stay 4th.
  • To quote Captain Clueless " we didn't lose"
  • First half sounded boring even Simon sounded like he was falling asleep, well, what a chat NJ gave at the break, 3 corners in the first 9 mins and then full on attack, Mansfield got away with some terrible time wasting ,But got what they deserved by a McGeehan cracker.
  • Just got back home to Norfolk after an excellent day out with my son in law, his twin brother and his best man, a season ticket holder at Ipswich, who declared his interest in gong to KR in the forlorn hope, being an Ipswich fan, of actually seeing a goal scored. Hilarious journey down, full of fun and laughter, a good meal at the Whitehouse, everything going swimmingly only to be spoilt by the football match!

    Mansfield came with the clear intention, from the first minute, of going home with a point. We decided to make their intentions much easier for them than they expected by conceding a corner which, as the ball came over to the far post, was met with the obligatory free header - 1-0 down. Jones highlighted in his post match radio interview how please he was with our possession play, describing it as "wonderful to watch." He clearly is more easily pleased than the average KR fan, the majority around us in the JR stand being thoroughly bored by it and whilst we had possession, mostly in our own half, it consisted almost entirely of Walton rolling the ball out to Cuthbert who then rolls it along the back four to O'donnell who in turn rolls it square to Mcgeehan, he rolls it to Potts, back to Cuthbert with the occasional touch also from Sheehan who finds himself under pressure and rolls it back to Walton who then starts the same boring scenario all over again. It was turgid and went on for most of the first 45 minutes. Mansfield of course, were more than happy for us to "entertain" the paying public in this way as it was in no way threatening to their goal.

    Possession play is all fine and dandy if it pulls opponents out of position allowing a killer pass to a forward player and a possible assault on our opponents goal. That didn't happen. We played a 4-5-1 formation, with Marriott up front on his own against two gorilla sized centre backs. Why do that, at home, against a bang average at most Mansfield? Frankly we never looked likely to equalise, the half ended, the second half began, and nothing changed until the 77th minute when Mcgeehan picked up a loose ball and showed some aggressive intent by running at the Mansfield defence before unleashing a drive from around twenty yards which fairly zipped into the far corner to bring parity to the scoreline.

    McGeehan ran himself ragged, yet he still attracts criticism from fans. I don't understand it, he's a midfielder and yet he's now scored 7 or eight goals already this season to add to the fifteen or so he scored last season. A midfielder who scores goals, a rare breed and priceless. Thank goodness we have him because no-one else had the confidence to have a pot at goal and frankly we looked like we could have played until next Saturday and not scored. After the goal, we became more attacking, had a couple of shots hacked of the goalline and I wonder, why do we not play an offensive game like that from the start?

    Marriott also had a fine game, ploughing a lone furrow up front and Cuthbert was immense at the heart of our defence, ironic, is it not, that playing at home against a poor side with little intention of attacking our goal, our central defender wins the MOTM award!

    What I cannot fathom, is that we had Vassell and CMS on the bench, we play with a lone front man and although chasing a goal for so long in the game, neither was thrown into the fray.

    Two poor sides today. We'll not win promotion playing the way we did this afternoon, it's far too pedestrian, no pace, a very slow tempo and no guile. Still, the company was good so the day certainly wasn't a complete waste of time and our Ipswich supporter friend was overjoyed to witness two goals, although he was equally critical of the lack of quality football but as he points out, it's division four.

    But what a missed opportunity though, with Doncaster and Portsmouth both being surprisingly beaten. Amazingly, we're still fourth, which says much for the standard of this league.

  • Nice one.

    A view from the carrot patch
  • Nice report , 2nd half sounded better from Simon commentary, if your able to hear his celebrations I would recommend it, most excellent ...
  • Just realised that Vassell did come off the bench and into the fray late in the game. Apologies for not realising that, I guess I was asleep at the time, given the "entertainment" on offer that's no surprise!
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    Good report, cheers.
  • Agree about McGeehan. I thought he had a decent game yesterday, even aside from his goal.
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    Funny that it's McGeehan in particular who seems to attract the criticism. Have we forgotten he's a young developing talent? Has that talk of a move in the summer made us expect more from him? Surely at this level, a lot of endeavour and a eye for a goal are enough.

    If we could get a bit wider, if we had overlapping full backs, comfortable to hit the byline and get balls in the box, how many more goals could McGeehan get. He's so dangerous bursting into the box and capitalising if the keeper spills it.

    It's been suggested that S O'D ought to replace McGeehan. Can anyone explain any logic behind that?
  • It's comforting to know we have more than one source of goals. Marriott promises much but is a tad short on delivery. Mc Quoid was a poor signing and I share Steve's reservations regarding CMS.
    Gilliead? Any opinions yet?
  • I wouldn't have SO' D in the 1st XI. No logic there at all Steve
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    No, I would hesitate in playing him and certainly not out of position and in place of our top scorer.
  • Too subtle :-)
  • Ignore, mis-read. Pissed
  • Well, comfortably relaxed. Not lashed
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