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Club statement on the banter between our fans and a few layabouts in the flats

Following Saturday’s Sky Bet League Two match between Leyton Orient and Luton Town at the Matchroom Stadium, the Club was contacted by the media to respond to allegations that a small number of Luton Town fans made homophobic chants towards people occupying the flats that form part of the stadium.

Luton Town take such allegations very seriously and were extremely disappointed to learn of these allegations which can tarnish the reputation of our club. We do not wish to be associated with anyone who believes such actions are acceptable.

The club immediately contacted Leyton Orient and have been working closely with them to determine the facts and sequence of events at the time of the chanting. Both clubs will co-operate fully with the ongoing police enquiries into the incident.

Unfortunately, the chanting was not reported by any spectator to police officers or stewards on duty at the time. The incident was brought to everyone’s attention by an email sent to Kick It Out via their incident reporting system, and this in turn has led to the FA launching their own investigation into the events, asking each club to submit their observations. The police are also undertaking their own series of enquiries.

With the incident not being reported to anyone within the stadium at the time, it makes retrospectively identifying and punishing any individual or group of individuals very difficult.

Each club has received observations from supporters and from these communications it would appear that some good natured exchanges between Luton fans and the occupants of the flats strayed into totally unacceptable homophobic chants.

There can be absolutely no excuse for discriminatory chanting or gesturing of any kind. Football as a whole works extremely hard to eradicate such instances with Kick It Out doing an excellent job in leading the way against such behaviour.

Luton Town Football Club are fully supportive of the tremendous work that Kick It Out carries out within football and will be hosting a Kick It Out action day later in the season. Discrimination of any sort is completely unacceptable and has no place within football, certainly not in any connection with Luton Town.

If any Luton Town supporter is proven to have taken part in any form of discrimination they can expect to be banned from attending matches at Kenilworth Road.

Any supporter, should they see or hear of any such behaviour should inform a steward or club official in order that action can be taken against the culprit immediately.

The exchanges between rival fans have always been part of football and can, at times, be very humorous, but they can also sometimes be unwelcome and offensive.

We urge all fans to fully support their team without resorting to abusive or discriminatory chanting and to support the police and stewards in their efforts to eradicate this unnecessary practice.




  • One would hope that's an end to it.
    It was banter, maybe ill- judged, but banter all the same
  • All that fuss over One email, so it it seems, yes the world has gone mad
  • As a matter of interest, you must remember when the fat bloke took his seat, or got up for a pee, the chants of "who ate all the pies?" . Is that a derogatory fattist chant in modern times ?
  • The problem is that in today's modern society we are all being sanitised into being PC. I'm the first to condemn racial chants, homophobic chants, even swearing which I cannot abide - apart from the occasional bloody or bugger, sorry if that offends - but ever since football was invented menfolk go to the games, mainly as fans yes, but also to let off steam, away from the confines of work and, dare I say it, the Wife and the normal everyday humdrum lives most of us lead.

    Stop it completely, for example, questioning a referees or assistants parentage, bantering between rival sets of fans etc. and the point of most of us chaps being there at football grounds will be immediately eroded. The vast majority of fans know the limits and some sadly exceed them. As with everything in life, a little common sense needs to be applied to such situations without the necessity of strong arm tactics.
  • As I understand it, the blokes on the balcony were lapping it up and enjoying the banter, which seems to have been given and accepted as a bit of fun !...and it seems no one was upset enough at the time, to report it to the police or stewards !
  • As usual, mountains and molehills come to mind.
  • Well today we have a demonstration by "Black lives Matter" In Margate , a good cause if they were going to highlight the killings going on over in the states, No they are demonstrating about letting as many Immigrants into the UK along the lines of what Merkel is doing in Germany,also protesting today is the group called White Lives Matter.

    I can well imagine the hatred and verbal stuff from both sides, will the authorities then be hunting down everyone who gets involved in such racial chants ?
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