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  • Nice to see CMS back, be a while before we see him on the first team sheet, wondering who will replace Danny on Sat.
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    Well I hope it's not McQuoid but he didn't feature against Barton. Did NJ not want to risk him with Hylton out? I'd much rather see Banton or Vassell get the nod.
  • I have to say, McQuoid looks like he's got as many goals in him as McAllister had
  • Oh, and welcome Westie ...I'll try to limit the outrageous stuff
  • Hi piggy, hope all's well with you ..
  • Well well well...Hi me hearties...Stevo, Piggy and Westie...well that's a start ! I'd put Vassell on to start...lightning quick pace, and enthusiasm...a goal and he will go on from there ! Banton certainly needs to be on the bench, and deserves to come on, depending on the situation.
  • Welcome aboard Westie!!! Keep spreading the word. This is the place for honest fans giving honest views and opinions, a forum where you can express your views without fear of deletions, edits etc.

    I said elsewhere, for me it's time to give young Banton his chance, who knows, he may well prove himself to be as good a young player at league level as has JJ.
  • Limit the outrageous stuff piggy? To quote the wonderful Joyce Grenfell, "don't do that, George!"
  • I'm a man of moderation Spix.
    Talking of which...
  • Ha ha.....................a lovely play on words! But on here I'm led to understand that, they can't touch you for it. Who said that, by the way, apart from me just now?
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