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Has he run out of steam? I was impressed with his start, but now I'm wondering if it was a false dawn


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    Well, no bites so far, "Sam".

    I will just remind you that Pelly's continued inclusion has always coincided with our success.

    I think he needs Rea back; certainly he needs more support in midfield. But... if he keeps his place and stays fit, I think we've got an excellent chance of auto-promotion.
  • I'm a Pelly fan, as I'm a McGeehan fan, but at the moment they both seem to be in start stop mode. Maybe it's the system, the diamond that seems to confuse them. I'm no tactician but I'm not sure the system sits too well with some of our players.

    Personally I'd rather we reverted to 4-4-2 or even 4-5-1 - but them I'm an old fashioned bugger.
  • I would hope that NJ can arrive at a settled midfield that performs well enough to allow Pelly to flourish. He certainly hasn't been the most inconsistent performer, but when he drops below his best it is really noticeable.
  • McGeehan gets the nod in front of Pelly, because he scores goals, and you can't argue with that ! Pelly has the ability, does he have enough drive ?...whatever his problem, I hope he becomes the player, he is capable of being !
  • That I agree with. I almost class McG as a striker. Certainly I'd be tempted to try him as one whilst Hylton is banned
  • McGeehan would frighten defenders to death up front, just as he did to our defence at KR when playing for Cambridge. I also think he'd probably be in competition with red card Hylton for the receipt of cards!
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    McGeehan scores goals from midfield. That doesn't necessarily mean he'd make a decent centre forward. He bursts into the box, that's a different skill to leading the line, holding the ball up, flicking on to others. Think Gerrard and Lampard.
  • Not sure he's quite got to that standard Stevo!
  • There's already more going on here than on that other site.
  • Good morning Westie, good to have you over here. I don't think playing Pelly up front will work. Look, we have ready made replacements for practically every position, isn't that why we have such a successful development squad and a plethera of exciting youngsters? For me, the choice is a straightforward one, play Zane Banton alongside Marriott and adjust the game to keep the ball on the ground, play to feet, as much as possible. Surely that is Jone's style, isn't it?

    Give the lad his long awaited opportunity, let's see just how good he is!
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    If he's trying to confuse the opposition!
  • Play McGeehan with Marriott, leave Pelly where he can do most good. If it fails, or Pelly has a poor one and is taken off, McG can drop back and we add to midfield and play 4-5-1
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