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Overconfident or Just Over'Cooked!

edited September 2016 in Luton Town Forum
After last weeks great performance it maybe that some players are coming to believe that the league has already been won?
Well done Grimsby, hopefully this result has put some in their place. I think we are the best team in the Division, however one swallow does not a summer. COYH


  • Pretty late comment, but as a few weeks have now elapsed it looks clear that we have not yet found our 'identity' regarding shape and selection. Both Cook and Gray get good reviews and then turn in an indifferent performance next time out.
    Lee is something of an enigma, Is he good or is he not? There's some pretty mixed views on that.
    McGeehan, I think , much be dividing supporters right down the middle. Unconvincing as a midfielder but second top scorer and looks to have a clear eye as to where to be at the crucial moment
    Up front there is no doubt that Hylton is constant. Pity obout the bookings, but I think Steve is right when he says missing him for one game in seven is a fair price to pay for what he contributes in between.
    Marrriott is undoubtedly talented, but we need to see more returns from him, especially with CMS almost up and running
  • I'd lke to see Banton given his chance up front this Saturday. He clearly has skill and no shortage of potential, but we can't keep talking about his potential, at some stage he has to be given the chance to show it at league level.

    Now is that time, IMHO.
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