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Players jaded after 1st week!??

Comments about fitness playing a part in the hatters game on Saturday alarm me. Only a week into the season and our 'younger, so called fitter team' r knackered!
Yeovil did have an extra 24 hours due to playing cup game Tuesday, but did extra time and also had a couple of big journey away games.

It is a worry if fitness is being used as an excuse at this early stage of the season. If this is the case, then the new fitness coach and everyone from management to player's need to address it very quickly and efficiently!!!


  • edited August 2016 Posts: 207
    After witnessing last nights match against Newport I have to say we didn't look knackered. Tough game and we weren't at our best but did play some pockets of good football.
    Pleased to c the team battle even after going down to 10 men. A hard fought 3 points against a bit of a bogey team and well pleased at the end.

    U have to find so many different ways of winning in this league and we found a way last night. Time now for a few ice baths and some quality recovery so we can keep the momentum going Saturday.

    Well done Luton! Also the passion Jones is showing post match maybe rubbing off. Early days yet but credit where it's due.
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