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Poor old Potts and lukewarm officials

Listening to the first half it seemed he had more than a call or two for a shout. However and although visually things were not clear to the camera, one couldn't really tell if were a foul or not! What was obvious was the Plymouth Player elbowed him in the face in front of officials. Clubs spend the whole close season honing their skills and training. Where is the benefit that extra training coming from? Not for League officials that is for sure! We need better professional and better trained officials. Maybe it is not for us to chant "You don't know what you are doing" But to improve, 'cos we are are the fans and those who fork out hard earned cash deserve better


  • Would like to see a panel to look at the incidents afterwards and issue retrospective punishment, the elbow alone was a straight red.
  • That won't happen Westie because the referee dealt with the situation at the time by cautioning Potts and sending him off and taking no action against the Plymouth player.

    It will be deemed as the same incident and that the referee dealt with it and therefore cannot be dealt with a second time retrospectively.
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