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Luton Town Fans - The main site now closed, but the forum is still open

edited August 2014 in Luton Town Forum
Hi everyone,

We've decided to close the main site down. It seems a fitting end now that the non-league era has finished. We had less time to spare updating the site and contributions had dried up, so it wasn't worthwhile maintaining it for a new season, especially as the Football League are very particular with what is their copyright i.e. fixtures.

You can find the site in its archived state at...

We will keep the forum open and don't foresee closing it at all, as long as people are still happy using it.

Anyway here's to a successful new season!

Ben (Admin)


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    Shame. Really enjoyed the match reports and the fans participation in player ratings. Also some occasional gems in the twitter feeds. The site did not get the support it deserved but I'm sure that it will be missed in its old format.
  • Yes sad that it has closed, it was good, but of late very little participation. However the contributors were generally a bit more sensible & experienced, than you get on other forums!!
  • Agree with these comments. Great site, in a lot of respects. Sad to see it's demise, but understand the reasons. Hope we'll see the match reports elsewhere...
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    I can still post PDW's Match Reports on the forum if you wish.
  • That would be great.
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    hi admin: and the player ratings? please!
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    Sadly I can't bring the player ratings back. Too much needs doing behind the scenes to do that unfortunately.
  • I'm sorry to see the site close, but i am so pleased the forum is staying open !
  • Posting the match reports would be great, they're always worth a read. Thanks also for keeping the forum going, lets hope it continues to thrive.
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    Yes, my first season last year and I enjoyed the all round contributions and it kept me in touch given I live up north and therefore, can't get to many home games . So please do keep the comments and humour coming. Enjoy Div2 everyone. Great start yesterday.
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    This was posted up by Admin a couple of years ago !
    I have messaged Ben ( Admin ) to see if this site is restricted to only old members, or can new posters join in !...Apparently some new posters have been unable to register. I don't know if I will get an answer. It will be a shame if new posters cannot come aboard...Are we sailing on the Mary Celeste ?
  • The good news is Steve has just opened a new site, fully up and running, even with a shoutbox

    Come and register.
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